Paradigm Greens

Project Description

The 15 story building contains 80 apartment units, health club and spa, fitness center, retail shops, restaurants and cafe, retail, and medical center. Featuring the apartment zone by vertical villas. The planning strategy encourages interaction between residents, thereby developing an engaging sense of community and place within the building. Each one of the balconies featured a selection of trees, plants, and shrubs, that offer beautiful views of the town. This aims not only to improve the air quality but also reduce energy consumption and the urban heat island effect. Moreover, the EastWest sides of the building will allow natural light.

Paradigm Developers has unveiled a new multi-functional complex in the city of Islamabad. The building will be featured by a solar roof, green terraces, sky villa and vertical system of gardens. Composed of 150 apartment units, health club and spa, fitness center, business center, restaurants and cafe, retail and medical center. The Entire roof will be conceived of like a community garden with food gardens, orchards, infinity pools, sports area and rolling restaurant. 

Rate List

Type Sub Type Floor Size Range Unit Price(PKR)
Commercial Shop Lower Ground 147 - 487 sqft 20,000/sqft
Commercial Shops Lower Ground 147 - 485 sqft 30,000/sqft
Commercial Shops Mezzanine 147 - 485 sqft 23,000/sqft
Commercial Shops 1st 147 - 485 sqft 17,000/sqft
Commercial Shops 2nd 147 - 485 sqft 15,000/sqft
Commercial Food Court/ Cinema 3rd 147 - 485 sqft 24,000/sqft
Commercial Kids Area / Cinema 4th 147 - 485 sqft 14,000/sqft
Commercial Offices 5th, 6th 147 - 485 sqft 10,000/sqft
Residential Apartments 7th, 8th, 9th 147 - 485 sqft 17,000/sqft
Residential Suites 10th, 11th 147 - 485 sqft 12,000/sqft
Residential Vertical Villas 12th, 13th, 15th 147 - 485 sqft 20,000/sqft


Developed By Paradigm Developers

With the ever-growing threats of climate change and the exhaustion of our non-renewable resources, Paradigm Architects envision sustainable architectural design and construction as a vital way to save our dear planet. Our purpose is to contribute as much as possible to the much-needed solution for a more sustainable future. Paradigm Architect's purpose is to conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve natural resources and minimize waste, create healthy indoor and outdoor environments and minimize toxic construction materials. We especially want the cities to be durable and beautiful and look like the buildings belong to the environment.